one-stop solution

We offer end to end services for your flagship stores on the Chinese E-Commerce platforms. Our know how and network drive your e-commerce business in China. HARP build a business ecosystem with brands & retailers, end consumers, logistics, technical partners and E-Commerce Platforms together.

Initial set up flagship store
  •  Administrative set up
  • IT / Operational set up
  • Product & pricing strategy
  •  Oversea logistics
  • Duty clearance
  • Warehouse
  • Last mile delivery
  •  Alipay account set up
  • Control & transparency
  • Incoming & outgoing

E-Commerce Platforms

Daily operations
  •  Visual design management
  • Product management
  • Ongoing management of IT interfaces & operations
  • Comprehensive reporting
  •  Marketing plan
  • Digital marketing model
  • Brand building
  • Traffic and sales generation
  • Event & segment specific promotion
Customer service
  • Pre sales & after sales customer service
  • Customer relationship management
  • Interaction via call, e-mail, live-chat, letter, SMS
  • Complaint & returns management
our top goals at HARP International
HARP International is a full-service firm that works with a vast selection of Western clients. We assist businesses to achieve success in the Chinese market. If you are eager to gain market share in China, then we can accommodate your objectives. We frequently work together with companies that focus on e-Commerce. We give companies access to useful services that can assist them with expansion in the Chinese market. Market research is one of our primary areas of expertise. If you want to showcase your available services and products using prominent Chinese e-Commerce platforms, we can assist you in achieving these goals. We can guide you in showcasing your services and products via the power of Tmall, JD etc. and Baidu. If you are trying to find first-rate search engine marketing assistance to spread the word about your business through Tmall and Baidu, HARP International can offer you guidance through every step of the way. We know Tmall and Baidu audience members inside and out.

effective strategies & effective execution in China

HARP International understands search engine marketing in great detail. We can educate you on all of the perks of search engine marketing in China. Examples of these benefits are:
building & strengthen brand awareness
prompt and timely audience access
effective digital strategies
measurable results
If you want to reach your target audience at the right timing, our detailed search engine marketing strategies can assist you achieve this goal. We can provide clients with the convenience of measurable results. If you want to be able to assess your marketing campaign in extensive detail, our methods are very useful.

further focus areas

further focus areas
HARP International is a company that takes a lot of pride in our knowledge. Our team members are well-versed in all of the components that are necessary for smart and effective search engine marketing techniques. We are experts in driving successful and targeted marketing campaigns.  We know more than just running efficient marketing campaigns.  We also have profound knowledge about the following sectors:

return on investment

performance marketing

Baidu search practices

intelligent keyword tools

web analytics

website visitor tracking

PPC (pay per click)

CPC (cost per click)

CPM (cost per mille)

CPS (cost per sales)

Whether you need professional assistance with performance marketing, site visitor tracking, CPC, PPC, smart keyword application, web analytics, Baidu search techniques, SEM, etc., Harp International can handle all of your SEM needs and beyond. When it comes to SEM services, we simply don’t have any competition. Our SEM knowledge is current. Our SEM knowledge is detail-oriented. Our SEM knowledge is thorough. The list goes on. We can help you enhance your search marketing skills. We can guide you in exploring search marketing solutions that can open your business up to extraordinary success in China. If you want to enjoy search marketing of the highest quality possible, you can trust Harp International.