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our vision

We believe in globalization and the need for economic growth around the world to make the world a better place. With China being the largest single market with substantial growth potential we aim to connect Europe and China more effectively.

our mission

Connecting the dots – providing massive growth opportunities for our European clients and satisfying consumer demand in the Chinese market. Our strategies and our execution help our clients to achieve accelerated growth.

our promise

When it comes to digital strategies and e-commerce operations in China we translate knowledge into effective  action and deliver on our promise to create diffentiated value. We work very closely with our clients to formulate winning strategies.

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a roadmap towards
accelerated growth

our services

discovery and free consultation

These services will help your business understand both the cross-border e-commerce opportunity and what it will take to achieve your objectives. Discovery services include free consultation around cross-border e-commerce including a high-level SWOT analysis for your target market.

connecting the dots

There is always a lack of transparency when it comes to entering new markets. We are connecting the dots for you to get a solid understanding and a profound market overview. We provide Market Assessment, Market Opportunity Outline, Competitive Landscape, Barriers to Entry Analysis, Brand Review, Operational Preview etc. This is the foundation for making the right decisions and for coming up with the right strategies.

strategy and planning

Once a firm understands the “what”, our strategies focus on the “how”, providing structure and a roadmap to achieve your targets and objectives. Our plans, recommendations and strategies include Feasibility Studies, Go-to-Market Plans, overall Marketing Strategy, Product Offering, Price Segmentation, Branding and Messaging, Business Plans, Routes and Channels to Market.

hardly any internal changes

Having a competent partner based in the EU as well as in China who provides end2end services not only reduces uncertainty but also keeps cost at a minimum. This will help you to respond quickly to market dynamics. To enable this, we provide the following services: Process Engineering, Change Management, Workflow Planning and Documentation Creation.

effective execution

Ultimately it’s all about putting know-how & knowledge into practice. Examples of these types of assistance include Bidding & Beauty Contest Arrangements, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Resourcing & Local Connections, Business Development and Contract Negotiation, Platform Selection & Application, Registration with Authorities, Customs Process etc.

market place partners

China is more than just a country. It’s THE market in terms of sheer size and it’s showing incredible dynamics and varieties. Online coverage and usage is increasing fast. Income level and buying power has been going up significantly thus the addressable opportunity is tremendous. HARP International can help you leveraging this untapped opportunity!

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It always starts with a conversation. We look forward to listening to you. We are keen to learn more about your specific challenges. Just reach out to us.

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